Lemongrass & Poppyseed Soap
Lemongrass & Poppyseed Soap
The Suffolk Soap Co.

Lemongrass & Poppyseed Soap

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All of our soaps are 100% natural and are made with a vegetable derived glycerine soap base. It is SLS, SLES and Palm Oil free (no nasty stuff!). The natural glycerine forms a luxuriously thick lather that moisturisers and cleanses your skin.

Lemongrass Essential Oil
As the herb is packed with vitamin A and C, it works hard to keep your skin and hair glossy. However, beyond that it also has astringent properties which helps to minimise your pores as well as keep your oil levels balanced – cutting back on those pesky pimples

Poppy Seeds Benefits

  • Help Treat Eczema And Inflammation.
  • Effective in treating eczema due to their high content of linolenic acid.
  • moisturisers Skin.
  • Help Achieve Clear Skin.